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James Guretiez on Fintech Solutions

Before the coming of the Covid 19 pandemic, many communities were struggling to survive. To make matters worse, Covid 19 came and made the situation even worse. And just as it is said, even the recovery won’t be there if there is no capital.

The local and federal financial programs have been of excellent help to small business owners. Despite their efforts being not sufficient to cope with this severe economic stress that Covid 19 has created.

James Gutierrez has been pushing for some solutions which tend to draw power from the centralized financial institutions hence putting the control back to the people’s hands. Through financial technology, which is commonly known as Fintech, has been able to give people better chances to make more loan applications, be able to manage their money while at the same time understanding the options each has.

At Fintech, it doesn’t matter whether you shut down your business after the coronavirus or you were an employee, and you got fired. You get represented in another new way such that you can keep track of your money. With Fintech, you get to enjoy various loan products, lower fees, and above all, you get access to genuine customer service as a starting pack.

More Achievements

James Gutierrez, during his time as the CEO of Oportun, helped so many Hispanic people to acquire loans, with his main goal being equality. His work has all been very instrumental and has assisted in ensuring some new laws that enable people of all calibers to get access to loans.

Additionally, he has been championing the need to have Community Development Finance Institutions and Minority Depository Institutions.

James Gutierrez also explains the significance and benefits brought by funding loans. As a financial expert, he has ensured reforms to the financial sector have been done for the benefit of every citizen.

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