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Why Andrew Alexander is Considered Successful

Andrew Alexander is a writer and producer who is commonly known for many successful film and television projects, which include The Second City Project (2015), Martin Short, Goes Home (2012) and SCTV Network (1981). He is also a co-owner and CEO of The Second City, a popular theatre company that is based in Chicago. Len Stuart and Alexander became the owners of The Second City in Chicago in 1985.

At 77, this influential personality has been able to create multi-million empire out of fun and humor and help The Second City Chicago to collect 30 Jeff Award wins and more than 150 Jeff Award Nominations.

During his extensive career as a producer, Alexander has produced over 185 half-hour shows and more than 150 hours of television comedy for the highly acclaimed SCTV. This television program bagged two Emmy Awards, one ACTRA Award and 13 Emmy Award nominations. Individually, Alexander has received many awards and acknowledgements throughout his career. Some of them are the Chairman’s Award under the Canadian Comedy Awards, Chairman’s Award and a Chicago Tribune’s Chicagoan of the Year recognition.

That’s not all. Alexander has also developed many television programs for multiple networks, including CBS, Fox Television, ABC, HBO, Comedy Central, CBC, A&E and Showtime.

Many people also recognize Alexander as the one who coordinated SCTV’s cast reunion in Toronto in 2008 and launched the Alumni Fund that raised more than $500,000. The money was meant to assist support staff and actors during times of economic difficulties and illness.

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