Upon prince Phillip’s demise, his school reports were released.

The school reports were from the Gordonstoun school to which he went.

These reports had been released to celebrate Phillip’s success when he would be turning 100.

Immediately before Prince Phillip got engaged to Princess Elizabeth, the headmaster to Gordonstoun made a report on him.

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From the school report, it was evident that Prince Phillip was just one of a kind.

His character and performance were very outstanding and impressive. He was a go-getter right from a young age.

Gordonstoun is one of the most prestigious schools in Scotland. Dr. Hahn began the school in 1934.

The Dr. became Phillip’s role model from the time he joined the school.

The Doctor intended to produce impactful students to society, through the school.

Phillip became part of the school at the age of 13.

The report made on him covers the entire period when was in school.

The Gordonstoun school has had the privilege of having three royalties being a part of them.

Even after Phillip left, he never stopped visiting the school.

Gordonstoun school does not only prepares students to do well in their examinations.

The school also molds them to be fit for society.

The school has a broad curriculum that equips its learners to be whole rounded in the learning field.

In addition to this, the school receives learners of all caliber regardless of cultural and social background plus different geographical locations.

In this way, the learners can gain quite a lot from each other and get exposed positively in numerous ways.

Phillip’s most recent visit to the school was when it was celebrating its 80th anniversary.

Phillip shocked quite a lot of people when he refused to be served his meal.

Instead, he chose to go and join the students queueing for lunch.

His action left quite an impression on the students concerning the great humility he had.

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