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How Dr. Alddo Molinar Fell in Love with Medicine

Doctors often choose to become doctors because of care they received that helped them. Critical care medicine expert Alddo Molinar chose medicine for his profession at an early age after watching a family member suffer from a serious illness. The ability to help someone through medical training piqued his curiosity. Dr. Alddo Molinar is an anesthesiologist in Ohio, practicing out of the Ohio Valley Hospital and the East Ohio Regional Hospital. It’s no surprise with his exceptional attention to detail and his personal approach with his patients that so many regard him as a top practitioner. 


Alddo Molinar

Alddo Molinar´s education began in El Paso, Texas where he attended Rio Grande Health Clinic. Although his education here was well-rounded, he continued his studies at the well-known Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Known as one of the most prestigious places to learn medicine and new treatment methods, he was eager to step out into his career. Dr. Alddo Molinar was intent on becoming an anesthesiologist. His passion for helping others on a deeper level led him to also study critical care and intensive care in both neurology and cardiovascular. 


These two areas seem to be the two fastest growing areas of medicine. Utilizing his expertise in anesthesia, Dr. Alddo Molinar has also been able to help patients manage their pain during surgical procedures. As the area of pain management broadens, so does the need for doctors who want to see their patients overcome the odds and use less medication. Critical care is one of the most important aspects of his career. The ability to help save lives has impacted him dramatically, helping him view his own life through a more passionate lens.