An eye opener on Brian Bonar: The Financial Expert

Brian Bonar is a renowned finance executive and entrepreneur. Mr. Bonar has more than 30 years of experience and skills in the field. Being an executive calls for hard work, exceptional skills, and expert experience.

Bonar has these traits and much more, which has enabled him to remain relevant for all the years he has been in various leading positions in different organizations. He is the current head of Trucept, a company that specializes in offering financial services to other companies.

His success can be attributed to his technical background and knowledge. Brian enrolled at James Watt Technical College and was awarded an undergraduate degree in Technical Engineering. Brian later enrolled at Stafford University and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He has since worked for Adaptec Inc., Rastek Corporation, QMS and he has been able to open his restaurant by the name of Bellamy’s. In the year 2000, he received the Who’s Who America award.

He later worked at Dalrada Financial Corporation where he played a significant role in the company’s success. He is the mastermind behind initiating business programs that increase the efficiency and productivity of employees. This programs aid in improving their attitudes and loyalty towards their work environment.

Mouth-watering Cuisine at Bellamy’s

San Diego is known for ultra-modern trendiness and exclusive eateries. Brian Bonar decided to take his entrepreneurial activities to this renowned town and build a world class restaurant. He went and acquired Tango, a restaurant that had been long serving in San Diego. He decided to purchase the property and transform it into a four-star space with a signature restaurant.

Part of his strategic plan in making the restaurant stand out was employing the best chefs. He thus hired Bandy Canyon, a Master Chef. Bandy makes delicious foods such as corn soup, especially mixed with cream and garnished with espelette peppers.

It is served with ginger, lime juice and a drop of olive oil. Another mouth-watering delicacy that you are likely to find at the restaurant is the beet salad. It is accompanied with golden bulbs over mushroom powder.

All these delicacies have led to Bellamy’s being a fantastic place to eat out in San Diego. This is all topped up with the high-quality staff working in the restaurant, making the place even more attractive. Brian has successfully made use of the sought-after chef in establishing a name for his restaurant.

How The Reverse Showroom Is Paying Off For Fabletics

Since the launch of Kate Hudson’s athletic clothing brand Fabletics in 2013, the movie star has unveiled a plethora of fearless and unique business strategies that has set the company apart from its competition. Hudson’s innovative techniques have earned the company a remarkable $250 million in just four years.


Part of what has made the brand so successful is its innovative subscription service model. Today, the concept of the subscription service retail model is everywhere. However, in 2013, it was a fairly new concept that Hudson boldly jumped on.



Fabletics’ VIP Membership Program


Those who visit the Fabletics website are urged to join the VIP membership program which follows the basic subscription service model. For a flat fee of $49.95 each month, subscribers get a full workout outfit sent to their door on a monthly basis. Each workout outfit is selected for them by Fabletics based on a lifestyle quiz that subscribers take when they sign up to the program.


In addition to this unique and convenient business model, Fabletics customers are also drawn to the brand because of its extensive selection of highly fashionable workout gear. Hudson herself has curated countless exercise staples like sports bras and jogging pants with high-tech fabrics, stylish prints and high-fashion details.


Joanie and Heather of The Krazy Coupon Lady have been VIP members for well over a year. They initially joined the program because of its value. At $49.95 per month, they could receive high-quality workout clothes at affordable prices. When they received their first Fabletics outfits, they were dazzled by the fit of the clothes as well as the quality.


Teri Hutcheon of also joined the program because of its convenience. She loved the fact that Fabletics would select an outfit for her, saving her time. She’s still a member today thanks to the impressive quality and fit of the products that she receives each month.


Recently, Hudson has begun to launch several Fabletics stores around the country that serve as reverse showrooms. These stores encourage customers to come in and try on Fabletics clothes. While they are in the store, they are heavily encouraged to join the VIP membership program. About 25 percent of Fabletics store shoppers are now VIP members. The company will be launching its first overseas brick-and-mortar stores in the next few years.


If you want to see what stylish outfits Fabletics has in store for you, fill out the lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics website today.

Hussain Sajwani Reflects On Damac Group’s Objectives

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner, has not forgotten the roots of his company. Many people often associate DAMAC Properties with luxury property developments such as the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai. Sajwani’s objective of transforming the economy of the Middle East through developing high-end properties is coming to fruition.

Hussain Sajwani started running the company in the early 1990s. DAMAC’s breakthrough came during the first Iraq war in 1991. During the military action, DAMAC Properties was charged with the responsibility of providing food service to the United States Army. In addition, the company provided the army with similar services in Bosnia and Somalia. It also worked with mega companies such as Bechtel in the provision of different services.

As the company grew, Hussain Sajwani believed that it was time for the company to diversify its offing and engage in other activities. To this end, Sajwani ventured into the lucrative real estate business and started developing luxury properties.

Most of these properties have been developed in partnership with companies from the West such as the Trump Organization. The recovery of the worldwide real estate industry has seen the company earn millions of dollars from its investments in various countries. It is rumored that DAMAC Properties will make billions from the sale of luxury apartments located in the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai.

DAMAC Group is gearing towards going public by undertaking an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Hussain Sajwani is confident that they will be able to raise large capital, which will enable the company to invest in different projects around the globe.

Although the IPO’s exact details are still scanty, it is believed that their shares will trade in the London Stock Exchange. Hussain Sajwani notes that the company will hold a press conference to divulge further information after the banks involved in underwriting have finalized their activities. He is confident of the IPO’s success. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

DAMAC Properties was established in 2002 as a private residential, leisure, and commercial developer in Dubai. The company has now expanded its operations to various counties, including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, and North Africa.

Hussain Sajwani’s visionary leadership has enabled the company to undertake various projects and complete them within set timelines. Moreover, its staff and robust business partners have played an integral role in enhancing its market success. Notably, Hussain Sajwani family have been friends with the Trumps.

The two families have been working together on different projects. President Trump invited Hussain’s family to the New Year’s Eve celebration where he recognized their presence.