Desiree Perez – One Of The Best Deal Makers In The Game

Her name may not sound familiar, but Desiree Perez has been involved in some of the most successful deals the music industry has ever seen. Take for instance the $25 million Samsung collaboration she negotiated for superstar Rihanna.

That one deal turned Rihanna into an A-list entertainer almost overnight. And while $25 million is nothing to balk at, it pales in comparison to the $150 million deal she helped broker between Roc Nation and Live Nation and her resume.

And with that deal scheduled to expire in 2018, it was Desire Perez who was sent to sit down with Sir Lucian Grainge, the head of Universal Music, to renegotiate and learn more about Des Perez.

While no announcement has been made at the time of this writing, when all is said and done, you can be sure this partnership will continue to impact the industry for many years to come.

If it wasn’t for Perez, Jay-Z and Rinhanna would not be where they are today. It is because of her that both artists are looked at as more than just entertainers. They are both successful business moguls and style icons in their own right.

Perez’s business and financial advice has helped take the careers of many entertainers to whole new heights.

So as you can see, Desiree Perez knows how to make a deal. Her drive and tenacity has earned her a seat at a table that is usually only filled by men. She now rubs elbows with some of the most powerful men in the world and hopes to show them women can excel in leadership roles when given the opportunity and Des Perez’s lacrosse camp.

And while the industry isn’t changing as quickly as Perez would like, it is moving in the right direction and that’s something we can all be grateful for.

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How Securus is Modernizing Secure Communications

Securus Technologies has been in the business of providing convenient, reliable communications since 1986. Employing over one thousand qualified professionals, and serving over two thousand correctional facilities across North America, Securus is dedicated to making sure that as many inmates as possible have access to quality communications.

Serving well over one million inmates throughout its various partner facilities, Securus has been a clear leader in comprehensive services and technological solutions, always striving to offer the most complete packages available. From phone services, tracking, and management of sensitive government data, Securus focuses on the many and varied needs of the law enforcement and corrections communities with a laser-like focus and dedication.

In addition, Securus never fails to provide the best possible customer service to meet the needs of our clients, no matter what issues may arise. Part of this service involves the constant innovation of communication technologies in order to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing market. Securus is more than up to the task, usually developing new angles on this technology an average of once per week.

Speaking generally, customers are happy that Securus has always had and continues to express its vision for further modernizing correctional communications, improving public safety in the field of corrections, and being able to use reporting data to conduct investigations in the field due to complaints.

More specifically, users report wide success in specific instances, with Securus services being instrumental in ongoing criminal investigations ranging from shootings, to forensics, to drug trafficking, to even monitoring schemes when inmates know they will be faced with police interrogation. Law enforcement has successfully used features provided by Securus in order to obtain necessary vocal evidence against criminals both incarcerated and still under investigation.

I can say without doubt that when choosing a communications company for law enforcement with security and reliability in mind, one name is at the top: Securus.

The Mysterious Luiz Carlos Trabuco, President Of One Of The Largest Banks In Brazil Seen Collecting Insurance Rewards

It may seem like an odd habit, but I frequently, and by frequently I mean daily, find news articles from Brazil and translate them to English. It is a fascinating nation, one of largest emerging economies in the world, the ninth largest economy in the world, the second largest economy in the Americas and it is a country of diversity. It is plausible that Brazil is the United States’ future or we are Brazil’s future. What I like the most about watching documentaries or reading about Brazil are the fascinating people from there. I suppose people could say that about any place, but I came across a man named Luiz Carlos Trabuco that has an incredible history. It seems as if some of the publications favor him and others demonize him. Since I came across just this first story about him, I am simply going to tell the article with extreme objectivity, which means what the publication had to say.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was pictured receiving insurance awards of all things. The article was about the top insurance sellers in the area, and it seems Luiz Carlos Trabuco is worthy of the title and being pictured in this online magazine article for the parent company of

He was featured with the man who won Personality of the Year and happens to also be The President of the Bradesco Group of Pension and Insurance. Another award given out at the festivities that night went to Pedro Barbato Filho,and he is a president too. To be more specific, he is President of Camaraseg and represents yet another president. President of Sincor-SP is Leoncio de Arruda, and can be see in the article on the far right. More friends of the Bradesco inner circle were also in attendance as award winner. These are the first names that were not president of something. It was as if the title either meant little or there is a lot of powerful people at Bradesco receiving seemingly humanitarian awards. Not to get off track of the winners though. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, represented by Norton Glabes Labes also received a prize, and being represented by Norton Glabes Labes is a prize in and of itself because Norton Glabes Labes’ official title for Bradesco is General Director of Bradesco Capitalização.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is another well known name present at the gathering, and he received plenty of praise as not only being a professional, but a man that was known for uniting wisdom. His persistence and clawing at the obstacles in his way were unable to stop him because he continued to turn his opposition into results. The article goes on to say that it is not surprised Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the president of the country’s largest insurer, and I am was not suprised to see another president praised for beating nameless diversity.

Through the words of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, it is possible to understand the collaboration that the 56-year-old executive offers to the evolution of the sector and to the company he presides, whose results have evolved significantly since the beginning of his administration.

“We need to have confidence and hope. I am very excited about the new representative configuration of the industry. We want the government to understand the role that insurance has in modern society, “he says. He now heads the newly created Fenasaúde, as well as being a Fenaseg Board member and Vice President of the Institute for Supplementary Health Studies (IESS) . His professional career is also marked by the Presidency of Bradesco Vida e Previdência SA, the National Financial Marketing Commission of Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations) and Anapp (National Association of Private Pensions), and the International Association of Economics Studies Of Insurance, in Geneva.

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The Kabbalah Centre Is Using New Methods to Transmit Ancient Spiritual Practice

Some of the biggest stars of the past few decades have something very important in common with each other. Celebrities such as Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis and Paris Hilton might not seem like they have much in common other than successful careers. But anyone who’s heard them speak about the things which matter most to them will know about another link. Every one of those lives has been enriched by an ancient spiritual practice known as Kabbalah. They also have something else in common. They come from backgrounds and locations which would normally make this practice difficult and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

Thankfully, organizations like the Kabbalah Centre have made it possible for anyone to begin studying the Kabbalah. The history of the Kabbalah Centre begins in 1922 when Rav Yehuda Ashlag became the first person to successfully work on modernizing Kabbalistic teachings. He wanted to make sure that the Kabbalah was able to enrich the life of anyone, no matter what their nationality or language. His mission would later pass to his student, Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. In turn, the mantle would be taken up by Rav Berg who first established the Kabbalah Centre within the United States. All of these great teachers believed that their mission in life involved bringing the Kabbalah to anyone who was driven to learn about it and Kabbalah’s Website.

This mission has been well realized by the Kabbalah Centre. Since the initial founding in the US, it’s spread all over the world. The unifying message of the Kabbalah Centre remains the same no matter where it goes. The message is simple, that everyone has a direct connection to a higher spiritual truth. As such, every single person in the world should be allowed to study the Kabbalah if they feel the calling. The Kabbalah Centre removes any of the obstacles which once stood in people’s way to this truth. People don’t even need to speak Hebrew as the prerequisite information will be taught as the lessons continue. The Kabbalah Centre remains dedicated to using modern methods to teach the world all of the important ancient truths held within the Kabbalah and read full article.

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