Roberto Santiago Sets Example for Others

People don’t always recognize Roberto Santiago by name, but people in Brazil know who he is if you mention the Manaira Shopping Mall. It is one of the most popular places in the country. Not just for shopping but also social events.


Teenagers like to meet up in shopping malls because they can quickly meet in large groups and spend time together while their parents are still aware of their whereabouts. Roberto Santiago created a space offering recreation for locals and visitors of Joao Pessoa in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. However, this is not his only business venture as Roberto Santiago invests in real estate and works with entertainment as well as investment possibilities in his home country.


The Manaira Shopping Mall offers its visitors multiple shopping opportunities, a particular area designated for children, eleven movie theatres a food court they expanded a couple of years ago, and there is even a variety of restaurants, and a banquet hall people can hire for special occasions such as weddings and graduation ceremonies.


Roberto Santiago invested in real estate and had extensive knowledge in the field. However, before the Manaira Shopping Mall was an existing project, he worked with different neighborhood development projects to help create a better infrastructure.


An investment and a development of a shopping mall meant that he was helping the community as well as creating a business venture bringing him revenue. It worked, and the development was a success utilizing the talent and knowledge Roberto Santiago has of the real estate. It is a competitive business avenue, and it requires people to know when to take risks to be better than their competitors. The real estate market in Brazil is different than it was even five years ago and investors such as Roberto Santiago keep it growing and getting more noticed.


The Manaira Shopping Mall stretches over 135 thousand square meters and can accommodate more than three thousand vehicles in its parking lot. The Domus Hall which is an auditorium with space for about 8 thousand people, equipped with all modern technology to attend concerts and other events.


Roberto Santiago has the experience he has gathered over the years working with different people, and he likes to stay connected with the business. He is not one of those executives who sit in an office and doesn’t want to be bothered with different issues concerning their work. He continues to be involved in the business, and his dedication and consideration inspire other people to follow their dreams and start working in real estate and pursue the career. Roberto Santiago knows how crucial it is to work hard and not give up even if the business doesn’t take off from the start and you have to start from the beginning.



The Amazing Career of Imran Haque

Mr. Imran is a very much respected internist who normally offers specialized medical care in Asheboro in North Carolina. He offers his services at Horizon internal medicine which is a medical group that is committed to offering health care of high quality for the people of Asheboro, Ramseur and all the area in the surrounding. Furthermore, Imran Haque is affiliated with some hospitals which include Randolph Hospital and many others. Over the years, Dr. Imran has over the past years established himself as a distinguished internal medicine expert with over 15 years of experience. His many years of experience enable him to treat most diseases and conduct physical exams that need his expertise and resume him.

Dr. Imran’s career in the medical field started right after he got his degree from UNIBE-Universidad Iberoamerican and he graduated with honors. After that, Dr. Imran went to the University of Virginia in the program of Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem. It was while he was at the University of Virginia that he specialized in internal medicine. Doctor Imran got his license that made him to start practicing medicine in North Carolina immediately after he completed his training. Dr. Imran is currently enrolled in Maintainance of Certification Program for the internal medicine and learn more about Imran Haque.

Dr. Imran normally attends to his patients who are need of medical attention in the area of internal medicine at his facility known as the Horizon Internal medicine. The facility is the best when it comes to offering services in internal medicine treatment and consultancy. A lot of people in North Carolina have chosen the facility as their own preferred choice. Some of the diseases that can be treated in the facility range from Diabetes, Glaucoma, and Pneumonia to Epilepsy. Dr. Imran is highly trained to recommend treatment and identify those diseases. Every patient who visits the facility always has a positive story to tell and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

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