How Avaaz Gives Voice To Its Members

Avaaz is a nonprofit organization which helps its members address the issues in their lives that are most important to them. As a global organization, the types of issues that are addressed range from the rights of humans and animals to climate change, poverty, conflict, and corruption. It was established in New York in 2007 and is led by its president and CEO Ricken Patel.

As a nonprofit that mostly operates on the internet, Avaaz allows any member to submit ideas on issues that they feel need to be addressed. Once the idea is submitted a group of experts at Avaaz review it. If the idea passes this review it is then emailed out to a group of members who also give their opinion. Finally, if they also approve the idea for a petition is sent out to all of the people that are members of the organization.

There are a number of tools that Avaaz uses for its members to get their collective voice heard. This includes online petitions as well as an email-your-leader tool that members have access to. Avaaz also reaches people by advertising and they sometimes inform their campaigns by getting legal advice on how to best proceed with it.

The goal of Avaaz, as Ricken Patel has said, is to help close the gap between how the world is and how it could be. Most people want a better world where people are treated fairly and peacefully. They also want a clean environment and the potential devastation of global warming to be successfully addressed. Avaaz supports these efforts by putting tools into the hands of their members so that, by joining together, they collectively have a much bigger voice in how the world is run by those in power.

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