The Significant Benefits And Certification Of Sussex Healthcare Audiology

Sussex Healthcare has a partnership with the NHS, so they can provide exceptional audiology services to the local community. Many of their patients have left excellent online reviews regarding their services.

Sussex Healthcare audiology, or SHC Audiology operates in Sussex, Berkshire and Surry. They provide assessments for hearing loss due to age, perform the necessary fittings for hearing aids, and support several ENT consulting clinics in the area. Their goal is to provide the best possible care for their patients.

SHC Audiology maintains the highest possible ethical and professional standards. Their ream of audiologists is highly trained, and use cutting-edge equipment. They are committed to a yearly program of development and training. Sussex Healthcare conduct regular audits concerning the safety of their staff and patients, infection control, strict adherence to all company and clinical procedures and policies and risk management. They are registered and regulated by the CQC, or Care Quality Commission.

The UKAS, or the United Kingdom Accreditation Service has granted SHC Audiology accreditation as mandated by the IQIPS Standard. The RCP, or The Royal College of Physicians has licensed the UKAS to deliver and manage the IQIPS. This program is led by professionals, and ensures a continuation of service improvements, and the best practice, safety and care plans for patients in need of procedures, examinations and diagnostic tests. This is the United Kingdom’s only accreditations scheme with national recognition for Audiology Services. The company observes the National Good Practice Guide regarding treatments, ensuring high quality healthcare for their patients, and provides access to the re-assessments and after care required every three-year period.

Hearing loss has an impact on adults at both a societal and personal level. This can lead to depression, social isolation, challenges in employment and a loss of independence. Many individuals are affected, and their social and professional activities become limited. One out of every six individuals in the United Kingdom suffer from some type of hearing loss. Many are older individuals whose hearing was lost gradually due to the process of aging. Over seventy percent of individuals experiencing hearing loss are above the age of seventy. Forty percent of all individuals above the age of fifty are experiencing some type of hearing loss. This happens so gradually, it takes most individuals time to first recognize, and then accept that they are experiencing an issue.

There are a lot of ways to determine if an individual is being affected by a loss of hearing. This includes:

• The voices of others appear mumbled
• The television is too loud for others
• Hearing is difficult in noisy surroundings
• Difficulty hearing the phone or doorbell
• The need to have people repeat what they have said
• Difficulty understanding if not looking right at the person speaking

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