Securus Customers Initiate User Features With Customer Comments

The inmate calling community can be a complex network with a lot of call options, but they can be very expensive. However, the popular Securus Technologies network offers quality calls with affordable rates. Thousands of customers have made the switch to their integrated network because they answered to a stabilized network. Their users are proud to be a part of their network with a comment forum to share their experience with other customers and preferred services. They don’t have a pesky automated system when you’re trying to navigate your new or existing account. Their preferred services network has become one of the industry’s leaders.


Preferred Securus Technology


Inmate voicemail features allow their customers to send friends and love ones a low cost voice message over the phone. You pay a small fee, have an inmates state issued id, and leave them a facility approved message over the phone. This is one of their most popular features because it’s easy to use and an inexpensive way to communicate with an inmate. Drop by to say hello or legal counsel can prepare their clients for an upcoming court appearance.


Securus Preferred Technology


inmate prepaid calling services

– online inmate photos

– remote visitation

crime prevention forum

– 24 hour live support

– packaging services at select facilities


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