The U.S. Money Reserve is Declaring a State of Emergency

Cyber attacks, a debt crisis, terrorism, world leadership, and financial crisis recovery are sweeping the globe negatively, and it continues to worsen. It feels like everyone is on edge and uneasy about their financial future. Because of this, the U.S. Money Reserve is declaring a state of emergency. While we can’t solve the world’s problems, we believe we hold the answer to securing your financial future. Join Phillip N. Diehl and various experts to discuss valuable information about the world’s status and why gold is the answer to your financial problems.


Just who is Phillip N. Diehl? Diehl is an accomplished U.S. Mint Director with years of experience. After serving his time as the 35th U.S. Mint Director, he used his knowledge to help others. He took his prior experience to the privately owned U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl was a paramount force in turning the U.S. Money Reserve into a large distributor. His expertise in foreign and American gold, silver, and platinum coins, bars, and products has made him a reliable and trustworthy source. CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Washington Post, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal rely on Diehl for trusted advice on precious metals.


If you never heard of the U.S. Money Reserve, consider it America’s Gold Authority. Located in Austin, TX, the establishment sells and educates new and returning customers on everything gold, silver, and platinum. Our network of skilled and qualified professionals (numismatic, coin research, compliance, inventory, etc.) is on standby should any question arise. We expect nothing less than customer service satisfaction from everyone visiting the company site, calling our number, emailing our staff, and purchasing in person. Our commitment to customer satisfaction brought us over 400,000 satisfied customers in the decade-plus existence of the reserve.


Returning to the “state of emergency,” this invitation-only conference contains valuable documents that will change the way you view finances. During the conference, the U.S. Gold Report will cement information mentioned in the conference about the world’s uncertainty and its financial impact. Additionally, it lists knowledgeable reasons to own gold. Gold is a primary solution to combat financial uncertainty because its value and volatility are stable. To avoid leaks, we are orchestrating the event in a secret, secure, and undisclosed location. We hope this conference will equip guests with the knowledge needed to take charge of their financial future.

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