Dick DeVos’ Windgate Group

Dick DeVos is the president of the Windquest Group. Under his leadership, this company has been instrumental in helping get many new companies off the ground. While DeVos is one of the wealthiest Americans alive, he and his wife Betsy have given away over $194 million. Much of the money that he has came from his father’s Amway Company that he helped lead into the 21st century. He is also part owner of the Orlando Magic National Basketball Association franchise and a small minority owner of the Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball franchise. You only need to have a short conversation with Dick DeVos to realize that he strongly believes that money cannot build meaning into a life that has none. Part of the meaning of Dick DeVos’ life as president of the Windquest Group is to help other entrepreneurs succeed.


The Stow Company


Since 1987, The Stow Company has proudly associated with the Windquest Group. This Holland, Michigan-based company manufactures storage and organization solutions for the home under the leadership of Phil Dolci. You may be familiar with this company under its brand names including EasyClosets, Org Home and Easy Track. Dick DeVos says that he is very proud of this company because they help people get organized in the home, and make life more enjoyable to live.




Neurocore operates nine centers in Michigan and Florida where they help people train their brains to perform correctly using biofeedback and neurofeedback. The training can help people experiencing problems in a variety of areas including attention deficit disorder along with stress, sleep and nutritional issues. More than 100,000 children and adults have been seen at the centers spread across Michigan.


Boxed Water


This company focuses on delivering boxed water to customers around the United States from its Grand Rapids, Michigan, headquarters. Dick was very instrumental in getting incubators started in the revitalized downtown market. This company that sells water delivered to consumers inside a cardboard box is one of those companies that Dick is extremely proud to have helped get started. The company now has a second location in Utah.




If you think that morning cannot begin without a great cup of coffee regardless of your location, then you may need an OXX coffee maker. This product is made of reinforced materials usually only found on construction sites so that you can have your coffee regardless of where you roam. While the coffee pot will take single-serve coffee pods, the company also produces its own line of Workhorse coffee. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/DickDeVosII


The Windgate Group is proud to work with these exciting products. Dick attempts to guide each one in the principles that he learned while working at Amway. Dick is a smart businessman, so it is likely the Windgate Group will own and operate other companies in the future.


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