Jorge Moll: Brazilian Entrepreneur and Cardiologist

Jorge Moll is one of the most famous cardiologists in Brazil. He also owns D’Or Hospital Network, and he is working with physicians and scientists around the world to alleviate the level of treatment in this country. He has been working with researchers regarding several projects, including the connection between morality and the brain’s architecture, how technology helps in treating people, and the introduction of a modified hospital environment for speedy recovery.


Jorge Moll has been researching for years about the correlation between morality and the brain ( According to his researches, the morality of a person depends on the architectural design of the brain. The complex architecture of the brain has a small area that determines the person’s morality, and it is affected by the environment, the society and the beliefs that a person has. The morality is also greatly affected by the group where the person belongs, which is why religions and organizations has a different level of morality concerning different issues. According to the research, morality can be identified through the use of a scanning apparatus which detects the person’s brain waves when exposed to a variety of environment. Through this method, scientists found out the secret about morality and how it is affected by the brain’s unique structure.


Another project that Jorge Mo works on is the establishment of Star Cup, a high-end luxury hospital that can be compared to a five-star hotel. It is built near Copacabana Beach, and the hospital was built due to the rising demand for high-quality hospital admission (Setorsaude). Jorge Moll also thought that treating a patient inside a facility that looks like a five-star hotel can speed up their recovery because the brain will think that it is only on a vacation. The rooms inside the hotel are filled with artifacts, and the fragrant smell inside the building is generated through the use of citrus plants. The food inside the hotel is also prepared by chefs who are using high-quality ingredients.


Jorge Moll is really transforming the medical industry. He added that he is doing his best to innovate the industry for the better.