How Securus is Modernizing Secure Communications

Securus Technologies has been in the business of providing convenient, reliable communications since 1986. Employing over one thousand qualified professionals, and serving over two thousand correctional facilities across North America, Securus is dedicated to making sure that as many inmates as possible have access to quality communications.

Serving well over one million inmates throughout its various partner facilities, Securus has been a clear leader in comprehensive services and technological solutions, always striving to offer the most complete packages available. From phone services, tracking, and management of sensitive government data, Securus focuses on the many and varied needs of the law enforcement and corrections communities with a laser-like focus and dedication.

In addition, Securus never fails to provide the best possible customer service to meet the needs of our clients, no matter what issues may arise. Part of this service involves the constant innovation of communication technologies in order to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing market. Securus is more than up to the task, usually developing new angles on this technology an average of once per week.

Speaking generally, customers are happy that Securus has always had and continues to express its vision for further modernizing correctional communications, improving public safety in the field of corrections, and being able to use reporting data to conduct investigations in the field due to complaints.

More specifically, users report wide success in specific instances, with Securus services being instrumental in ongoing criminal investigations ranging from shootings, to forensics, to drug trafficking, to even monitoring schemes when inmates know they will be faced with police interrogation. Law enforcement has successfully used features provided by Securus in order to obtain necessary vocal evidence against criminals both incarcerated and still under investigation.

I can say without doubt that when choosing a communications company for law enforcement with security and reliability in mind, one name is at the top: Securus.