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Jesse Willms Could Not Wait To Start His Career

Jesse Willms has never been afraid to try something new. When the Dot Com era was at its high point, Willms could not wait to dive in just like other entrepreneurs who were trying to capitalize on this trend. The other difference between Jesse Willms and other entrepreneurs is Willms was still in high school. 

Willms created his website at the age of 16 and started an online business called eDirect Software. He had no experience at being a boss and learned through trial and error. He employed 12 people at eDirect. The company was a great success and earned Willms a lot of money, but it quickly came to an end. Another software company called Microsoft sued Jesse Willms for selling reduced cost and bottled systems. The 18-year-old could not afford a legal team that could go up against Microsoft, so he settled out of court for a million dollars. 

This was a big loss for Jesse Willms, but it did not stop him. He quickly moved on to several multi-million-dollar positions, including producing teeth whitening products, teas, supplements and more. Now, he is embracing the digital marketing industry.

The Car History Group is Jesse Willms’s latest adventure. Its website, called at the time, was considered to be a higher risk. The website offers free VIN reports on used cars. Instead of charging people for information that Willms feels should be free anyway, the company would make its money through advertisers. 

Now the multi-millionaire is on a different path. Willms is working to share his experience and knowledge with new entrepreneurs. He offers scholarships and has written several entrepreneurship articles. His lessons are not only for new entrepreneurs. They are also for older entrepreneurs who are not utilizing the internet to its full potential.