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Payam Banazadeh Capella Space

Payam Banazadeh is the chief executive officer for Capella Space, known for having the largest Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites. This service provides hourly monitoring from anywhere in the world with space earth radar. Payam Banazedeh formerly worked as an engineer for NASA and started the business in 2016 and has grown to 75 employees. Over the next couple of years, Capella plans to send off a small fleet of radar satellites to get imagery to the United States government and commercial customers. The imagery that is provided in high definition and clear provides a more enhanced image to the clients. Payam Banazedeh completed his B.S. in engineering in Texas. Payam Banazadeh proceeded to Stanford University to complete his Masters focusing on behavioral and technical challenges of the job. . . 

The development of Capella Space is quite unique as it stemmed from an idea Payam had in his mind while pursuing his master’s degree. The idea was brought up after a Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared into the ocean. Payam Banazadeh wanted to develop a system via satellite to help in these situations as there was no record of the plane going down. The goal of Capella Space came to help organizations better understand the changes in the environment, infrastructure changes, food changes, and more. While working at NASA he worked in several positions to include as a Mission Formulation Intern providing a mission robotic sample returning from the moon. Payam Banazadeh then proceeded to work as a Software Development Intern at Nasa working on the Mars Science laboratory then working his way up to the Business Strategist of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Payam Banazadeh continues to work hard to observe the planet to identify changes with the earth.