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The Efforts Of Pamela Baer Towards A Healthier World

Pam Baer started her career as a brand marketer shortly after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin. Recognizing her exceptional abilities, she founded a company that focused on providing marketing solutions. But after tying the knot with Larry Baer and finding a home in San Francisco, Pam Baer found a new passion in raising funds for charitable causes.

During her first involvement in philanthropic works, Pamela Baer delved into the health sector. She worked in San Francisco General Hospital Foundation between 2002 and 2018. She would continue serving as a Lifetime director in the organization after her tenure as a board member.

Over her 16-year period at San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, Pamela Baer’s successes included the Hearts in San Francisco Project. Here, local artists would make heart carvings and offer them for sale to raise funds. The project proved successful and raked in a little over $17 million.

Among the recent philanthropic works by Pamela Baer is the Transform Mental & Behavioral Health Fund. In the past, Pam Baer raised over $5 million to help address various mental health issues via the fund. Now, she seeks to enhance telecare health as the world fights a global pandemic. The goal is in line with Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFH) and Trauma Center’s mission of helping vulnerable persons, including the homeless and uninsured.

The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is dedicating to support ZSFH’s agenda. ZSFH is the sole Psychiatric Emergency Service in San Francisco available round the clock. Thus, in her efforts to make mental health accessible, Pamela Baer is has made it the funds goal to work with ZSFH.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rummages across the globe, Pam Baer’s philanthropic works with ZSFH continue to be a force of good. The mother of four notes that the fund she directs believes “in health equity, access, and quality health care for all people.” Go to this page for related information.


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