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Alejandro Betancourt Used His Unmatched Expertise to Market Hawkers Online

Hawkers company has many customers from all over the world. The company produces high-quality items and sells them at reasonable prices. That is what makes it a choice for many. Similar products from the firm’s competitors are more expensive.

The company makes most of its sales through the internet, and Facebook is its primary marketing platform. There was a time when the company produced fewer items than those in demand. That led to an inability to reach all their customers. That led the firm to open a Shopify store to get more customers within a shorter duration.

The Social Media Strategy in Marketing the Company’s Products

Hawkers experienced financial hiccups in 2016. It is then that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined the company. He became the majority shareholder of the firm and later its president. Previously, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez graduated from the Suffolk University.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez got some of his expertise from working in an energy and asset management company before joining Hawkers. After providing services in the company for a few years, he made Nacho Puig the company’s CEO. He achieved great experience when serving in the different posts, something that he uses today.

They collaborated to market and sold the firm’s sunglasses through the internet to help it grow. They chose Facebook as the primary marketing arena for marketing and selling the products. Within a short time, their Facebook platform acquired millions of followers through which it makes 90% of their sales.

Strategic Growth

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez believes that firms should produce quality items and choose the right marketing strategies to thrive. The firm makes items with different frames, colors, and lenses meant for different customers.

Mr. Lopez introduced Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to market the products. Since their prices are affordable, the customers can buy many pairs at a time. That contributed to the thriving of the company.