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 Michael Capiraso’s Leadership Race at the New York Road Runners

Michael Capiraso is an exemplary leader, and this is evidenced by his engagements in the organizations he has been involved in. He is credited with turning things around for the New York Road Runners (NYRR) during his term as the CEO and President. NYRR has been around for more than sixty (60) years and is the organizer of the TCS NYC Marathon. Michael changed the future of the running group by, among others, opening a running center that provides various services to its members. These include yoga classes, nutrition, and a New Balance shop that caters to the running gear needs of the members.

He played a pivotal role in crafting a partnership between the center and New Balance towards a program designed to give back to the New York Community. The initiative entails donating one pair of sports shoes to a child in the community for every pair purchased at the running center. Michael also ensured that revenue generated from the marathon was supporting school running programs. This was towards integrating running as a sport in the school curriculum and impart the benefits of running in school children. The value of this support is underscored by the many kids that later transition into the NYRR adult races.

Michael has been instrumental in several other programs including organizing senior walks in the park that help improve their physical and mental well-being. However, given the new reality precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a need to adapt to the imposed restrictions and embrace new solutions. Under his guidance, NYRR launched virtual runs wherein runners could observe Covid-19 guidelines by competing and completing at their own locations including on trails, roads, and parks. As an accomplished entrepreneur, visionary leader and an avid runner, Michael says we can always run another day.

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