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PosiGen Solar Company: How Legit Is It?

In 2011, PosiGen solar power company was established in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has dedicated its time to selling solar and changing its client’s lives and homes positively. The company works to save its consumers money by providing them with home energy efficiency, upgrades, and top-rated solar systems. PosiGen boasts of cutting costs for low-income families by offering them renewable energy. Additionally, the company has proved to low-income communities that they can have meaningful savings without getting into debt.


The Benefits of PosiGen Solar


1. Improves home and protects savings


Most homeowners lose a lot of energy through different air leaks. To add on, they may be unfamiliar with its existence and how it may affect their energy bills. PosiGen caters to this kind of people by ensuring the air is sealed, reducing monthly utility bills. It provides clean energy and uses it efficiently, thus making the world a better and more convenient place. Moreover, it is cost-effective for any homeowner to live comfortably.


2. Solar energy can be monitored online


Once the solar power is installed, the data can be accessed from the monitoring system. A consumer can check energy storage, energy saved, and how the system is performing in real-time. With online monitoring at PosiGen, it has become easier for customers to know if they are operating efficiently or not because you can view the production. This has enabled consumers to cut consumption costs and save more money since they can correct any slight mistake where there is a need (Techbullion). 


3. They offer a lease and purchasing program

Leasing is the most popular program used by U. S homeowners. It comes with various benefits, such as affordable monthly payments, and there is no minimum credit requirement. Team members offer free consultations. PosiGen offers different financing options for consumers as well as cash discounts. The ownership comes with numerous advantages like free installation and 12 years of online monitoring. PosiGen transforms the world by providing the community they serve. Over 65% of its employees are either people of color or women. Consider posiGen as the best energy company to serve you, your family, and your community.