Haiti Leader

Georgette Mulheir´s Fight For Justice

The people of Haiti have known hardship for most of their lives. From devastating natural disasters to a failure in the system meant to protect them, the Haitian people began to accept that they would never flourish in a place like that. That was until Georgette Mulheir took an interest in their plight, and made her way to the broken country. With a focus primarily on the orphanage children, she brought together a group of people that were like minded, and formed Defend Haiti’s Democracy, a non-profit organization tasked with restoring equality and safety in a lawless place. 


The main focus of the group is to stop the kidnappings, massacres, and gang violence that is seen on a daily basis, activist Georgette Mulheir explains. In addition to bringing a sense of safety back, Defend Haiti’s Democracy organization is hyper focused on helping restore a functioning government so that the people can begin to see systemic equality in a place where currently none is present (Newsanyway). 


With escalating violence, hunger, and lawlessness functioning like a well oiled machine in Haiti, the people were desperate for something they could get behind. Something like this organization who very clearly cared for the people above all else. Despite death threats, the members of Defend Haiti’s Democracy continue to fight for justice for the residents of Haiti. Georgette Mulheir has over 30 years of experience fighting for children and social justice. She was named as one of the world’s top 30 social workers, and has provided her assistance and guidance to 33 countries worldwide. With people like Mrs. Mulheir on their side, the people of Haiti have been given hope for the first time in what must seem like forever.