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Miki Agrawal and Bidets

Miki Agrawal is more than ready to familiarize everyone on the not so familiar topic of bidets. Miki Agrawal is the founder of a company known as Tushy. Tushy is a company that specializes in bidets and focuses on normalizing the use of bidets. A bidet is a configuration that cleans you after the use of the bathroom. Miki Agrawal’s Tushy is focusing on a small, reasonably priced, attachable bidet as well as a travel sized one. This will allow everyday people to have better access and more understanding of what a bidet is. Here in the United States using a bidet is nearly unheard of whereas in many other surrounding countries a bidet is widely known and used. While Miki Agrawal shifts the focus to everyday people and the convenience of an attachable bidet; the likeliness of the bidet making noise in the United States is more achievable while making it possible to attach it to the toilet you already have at home. Tushy’s Miki Agrawal believes in focusing on human body language and poses when it comes to her marketing campaigns in order to better relate to her clientele. Her marketing campaigns are meant to be fun, light and informative; by making her marketing campaigns more relatable and relaxed she is able to reach more individuals like you and I to inform us why we should invest in a bidet for our homes. By making this once too expensive and misunderstood product to now affordable and relatable Miki Agrawal believes everyone should invest in a bidet for home. Adding a bidet to your daily life will on average save you about 80% in toilet paper, make you feel fresh, and clean with a simple splash after the use of the bathroom.

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