Direct Selling E-Commerce

QNET: Transforming The Global Direct Selling Market

Direct selling allows businesses to gain traction by establishing long-lasting relationships with both clients and other firms. The model allows businesses to sell directly to customers without involving intermediaries. Direct selling reduces the cost associated with intermediaries such as distributors and wholesalers.

Companies such as QNET have perfected the art of direct selling and have transformed into global brands. This approach requires little start-up capital despite the considerable potential for growth and profit maximization. Entrepreneurs also enjoy greater flexibility, allowing for the much-needed work-life balance.

Firms can opt for either single-level, party plan, or multi-level marketing depending on the business size and objective. Single-level marketing is ideal for businesses seeking to grow their client base. A party plan is a purely marketing strategy, usually focusing on product testing. Multi-level marketing is a low-cost strategy that uses sponsored promoters to grow your brand, customer base, and sales volumes.

They’ve successfully used the Multi-Level Marketing strategy to morph into a global market leader in the e-commerce industry. Founded over two decades ago, the firm has become a household name with over 1,000 products. The company has operations in over 100 countries spread across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Customers and distributors can easily access services and products via a dedicated and user-friendly mobile app.

QNET boasts over one million distributors drawn from different heritages, giving the company unrivalled diversity and a deeper understanding of the e-commerce landscape.

QNET has strategic partnerships in different industries and regions, allowing the company to establish closer ties with consumers. The firm offers high-quality products and services, a key pillar in establishing long-lasting relationships with clients. QNET’s product range includes home and living, health and wellness, and technology. The company also sells personal care and beauty products, jewelry, and watches. Over the years, the company has helped entrepreneurs with business ideas and products. QNET also funds dozens of corporate social responsibility projects in several countries. Click here to learn more about QNET.


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