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Min-Liang Tan Builds Better Mouse, Then A Tech Empire

CNBC article; “Self-Made Billionaire Attributes His Success To One Particular Competitive Trait”, talks about how Min-Liang Tan, an undisputed business icon, having built one of the most recognizable brands in global gaming with a suite of services that continues to grow.

It was the mouse that roared. It also launched a global tech company and made its founder a billionaire. The Boomslang Mouse was designed to be a better mouse for gamers. In the beginning, that’s the only thing that Min-Liang Tan wanted to accomplish.

An avid gamer, he just wanted a better tool. However, after building a better mouse, Min-Liang kept going. He would soon have a multifaceted company that did nothing less than create an entire ecosystem for gamers –- and now it has expanded to even greater horizons.

Min-Liang Tan purchased Razer in 2005 along with partner Robert Kerkhoff. The company was founded more than 20 years ago in San Diego as a subsidiary of kärna LLC. Just two years later, it foundered and ceased operation because of capital problems.

In 2005, Min-Liang Tan, a lawyer in Singapore, procured the rights to Razer. Tan was intent on fulfilling its initial mission, building the Boomslang mouse. After accomplishing that, Razer continued to develop a line of products, always adhering to its slogan: “For gamers, by gamers.”

Included in its lineup are keyboards, headsets, laptops, capture cards, eGPUs, phones, monitors, webcams, gaming chairs, software and now financial services.

The success of Razer has earned the Razer CEO the status of Singapore’s “youngest self-made billionaire.” He entered the lofty billionaire class by age 40.

Tan said his philosophy is to never look backward and to always drive forward. He and his team are constantly looking ahead for “the next thing we can develop.” His management style has been described as “demanding.” Some media observers report that Razer drives its employees hard.

But Min-Liang Tan said his management style is that of a gamer –- one who is constantly striving to achieve a higher goal but always remembering to have a lot of fun along the way. Read this article, to learn more.


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