CEO Speaking Skills

Krishen Iyer of Fresno’s on Speaking Skills on Public Meeting

When a person has improved speaking experience in the public, getting attention from the audience is not tiresome. Moreover, for one to get these skills it is important to note that how one will give information is more valuable than what one will say. At times one experiences self-doubt while explaining a new proposal and people fail to respond to it. This creates an insecurity feeling which lowers their self-esteem and contributes to not speaking again (Latinpost). 


Alternatively, the point of how others believe about us can limit them from talking. However, it is vital to building the courage to control self-doubt before speaking in public. First, it is important to prepare much earlier what to share to prevent them from explaining common points in a public talk. However, Krishen Iyer points out, one should not give the listeners a hint of what you will say because they will know what you want to say next. After flaming your points, one should explain in detail according to your knowledge. The speaker should control the listeners on where their attention should be. Also, one should be brief and clear to ensure they understand well what is said.


After finishing, one should create a room where listeners should ask questions and place their comments to. Successful businessman Krishen Iyer suggests that entertaining an audience helps one to understand their thoughts where one can receive praise and criticism too. In case of no comments, one should ask the listeners questions to make them contribute their points. Krishen Iyer is a businessman who sold many firms in California. He got these skills from insurance sales where he worked for twenty years but today he owns a successful Fresno dental insurance firm where customers can consult about their dental health.


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