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The Career of Georgette Mulheir

A lot of people are passionate about social work but no one more so than Georgette Mulheir. So just what is it that drives her to help as many kids as she can? Well, she says it’s just a passion for defending human rights and for what she does. Georgette Mulheir came of age in the Manchester area in the early 70’s with her sister & two brothers. Her dad worked as a carpenter while her mom did social work. 


This is what first inspired activist Georgette Mulheir to follow in her footsteps later in life. When she got finally to college, she found she would have to choose between music & social work. It was not an easy choice but in the end, Georgette Mulheir knew social work was the right path for her. So she finished in 91 & began to work at one of the local offices to help (Crunchbase). 


Georgette Mulheir liked it in the beginning but soon knew her calling lay beyond the border of her own country. So she moved to Romania to set up their very first social services office. She knew it would not be easy but before she knew it, this endeavor became a huge success. In the next 22 years, she would cut down the number of orphanages by 90% & this is how she became one of the 30 most influential social workers in the world. Of course, global leader and activist Georgette Mulheir was honored by this award but maintained that her only concern was the welfare of the kids all around the world. 

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