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Jason Hope Article Recap: 5 Self-Made Success Tips

Jason Hope is a self-made entrepreneur whose expertise and educational background has deep roots within the world of finance. Knowing the world of excel spreadsheets and income reports leaves a stagnant taste in our mouths, he decided to tackle the world of technology and innovation. Although Jason Hope’s staggering success may seem like a too-good-to-be-true plot from a movie, the journey to attain his knowledge and worldly possessions was paved in failure, upset and hardship. Here are a few tips and tricks Jason picked up along the way to ensure his personal success.


Productivity Breeds Success


In the world of motivational media and get-rich-quick schemes, activist investor Jason Hope learned one thing: nothing beats productivity and focused intent. Each day you wake up, regardless of what’s going on in your life, productivity must be on your mind. Front-load your day with challenging tasks that demand your best work, Jason Hope keeps on, followed by trivial meetings and errands that aren’t critical to your mission. More importantly, Jason believes starting your day with physical exercise and nutrition is essential for anyone who desires success.


Jason Hope

Don’t Shy Away From Failure


Achievement and failure go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies or steak and eggs. Knowing this fact, it’s imperative to look at setbacks as a stepping stone, not the finish line. Early in Jason Hope’s journey, he had an enlightening moment: dwelling on detrimental events only exacerbates its effects. To put it bluntly, don’t hide away from your failure or let it define who you are, or worse, what you’re capable of achieving. Instead, acknowledge the event for what it is, extract the lessons learned and move forward quickly (LinkedIn).


Think Big and Abstract

The last piece of wisdom that activist investor Jason Hope shares with individuals is to think big and not let technical details get in the way of the larger picture. Rather than honing in on small, minute details surrounding a specific domain, focus your attention on your lofty goals and aspirations. When we begin reframing our mindset to see the end result and not the trivial problems in the way, we can make high-yielding actions to solve challenging problems and rectify errors in our judgment. When Jason Hope implemented this belief into his daily routine, his success bloomed faster than he ever imagined.