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Vik Bansal: CEOWorld CEO Spotlight

The article on Vik Bansal, Infrabuild’s CEO, was released just a few days ago by and has already generated significant buzz in Australia. This article recaps the highlights of that profile with some additional commentary from the author about what it means for manufacturing companies in Australia.

Vik Bansal is the CEO of Infrabuild, a major Australian construction company. He is also one of the most prominent voices in Australia’s commercial real estate industry. His recent article was published by CEOWorld and has generated significant interest from around Australia and internationally for its unique insights into what makes a successful organization post-pandemic.

Despite many people predicting its collapse, Vik Bansal CEO believes that Australia’s manufacturing sector can still thrive in the post-pandemic era. His outlook is based on his personal experience of growing up during a pandemic and enduring some difficult years. He has set out to prove wrong those who believe that low commodity prices will devastate the Australian economy.

The following sentence is, “Bansal said that even though it may be difficult to make money from manufacturing, he believes there are still opportunities for those willing to do their homework and look outside of Australia’s major cities.”

Even though Bansal was able to overcome a pandemic as a child, his outlook on the future of manufacturing is not entirely positive. He warns that a second pandemic will soon hit Australia if it doesn’t address social issues like ageing populations and lack of affordable housing for renters. Bansal believes that the new pandemic will have a significant impact on Australia’s economy.

Vik Bansal is optimistic about the future of manufacturing in post-pandemic Australia, despite many believing the opposite to be true. In this article, he explains his outlook and what it means for Australian businesses as we advance. He warns that a second pandemic will have a significant impact on the economy. It is essential to look for opportunities outside of Australia’s big cities if one wants to succeed.