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How Edgard Corona is Using Technology to Retain and Attract Customers

Edgard Corona, Bio Ritmo’s CEO, and founder has been using technology to retain and attract customers since the company first began. Bio Ritmo is a Brazilian fitness chain that specializes in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. Edgard wants Ritmo’s clients to feel like they are part of a welcoming community; he encourages them to post selfies with trainers on their social media accounts and take pictures during workouts for more motivation. He says, “You can’t create emotional ties with people online.”

Edgard Corona understands that to keep his customers happy, he has to use technology, but not just any type of tech. Edgard says, “We have a technological platform for our HIIT classes, which is SmartFit.” SmartFit is Bio Ritmo’s online and offline training app used by over half a million people worldwide. It allows members to book workouts in real-time, so they don’t miss out on their slot or get confused when there are class changes; it also encourages them with pop-up messages before each workout saying how many calories will be burned during the session.

Bio Ritmo’s clients can access it from anywhere anytime through their mobile devices, allowing them even more flexibility with work schedules and fitness into busy lives. It also sends emails to customers reminding them about upcoming classes and deals. It is an excellent way for Edgard to connect with his customers worldwide, but he has even more ideas up his sleeve to use technology as effectively as possible!

Edgard Corona’s Smartfit Technology app helps them retain and attract new clients around the globe. In addition, this tech allows members to exercise from anywhere at any time through their mobile devices. The users have access to an online platform that promotes high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It reminds individuals about future workouts and class changes while sending pop-ups before each session saying how many calories will be burned during workout time.

The true benefit of using Smart Fit is the fact that it is helping Edgard Corona connect with its global customers. With all of these advancements, there are many ways to improve technology to help retain and attract clients even more efficiently.

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