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Hughes Marino Buyer and Tenant Representation Firm

Irving, TX

Is a law firm that offers legal services to Fortune 500 companies, heads of states and other dignitaries. They offer leniency for international travelers traveling to the United States about not having any criminal background. At Hughes Marino, they also specialize in alien registration and help with the green card application process. Hughes Marino is the go-to law firm for many people who want to live in the United States permanently or travel abroad with ease.


Hughes Marino Representation Firm takes great pride in helping many people who want to live in or visit the United States. They have already helped thousands of people with their immigration needs. At Hughes Marino, their staff is made up of professional individuals who handle immigration matters for individuals who have been detained at a US airport and need to be released immediately. 


In addition, they also work with attorneys (pro bono) and specialists from a number of countries to help process U Visa applications for victims of crime. The founder of Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm is Mr. S.T. Hughes. He is a third generation attorney and has devoted his life to helping people who are in need of legal services. 


He is a graduate of Cornell University and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1995. At Hughes Marino, he has become the face of immigration in the United States. They have assisted thousands of people with their paperwork and the traveling process for U Visa and immigration.

The immigration services provided by Hughes Marino are cost-effective and make it possible for individuals to apply for immigration benefits. It allows them to obtain travel authorization to enter the United States and return as a permanent resident or citizen. The Hughes Marino firm also offers a variety of other legal services including business immigration, business formation immigration and family based immigration through sponsorship.