Founder Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes at Hughes Marino

A house owner might rent out their own house while they are away during vacations, and a factory owner might rent it out during downtime when production slows down. Hughes Marino offers services like tenant representation, buyer representation and lease restructuring to help businesses generate profit from their properties. Led by Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino has been in business since 1996, providing exceptional services throughout California’s San Diego area. 


The company offers tenant representation, buyer representation and lease restructuring services. Tenants are able to acquire services such as financial reporting, economic analysis, legal support and physical distancing analysis. CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes states how purchasers can get assistance with due diligence and acquire the property for a specific purpose. 


Lease restructuring deals with negotiation between both sides so that the tenant is satisfied and the owner is profitable on the deal. Hughes Marino also offers program management, project management, construction management and portfolio lease administration advisory services. Led by Jason Hughes, the company has aided many firms in their dealings with properties over San Diego County during their 24-year period of doing business. 


At the firm, 22 employees at Hughes Marino assist clients seven days a week during business hours. All led by Jason Hughes. Clients who want to rent out a property might not want to commit to long-term restrictions or high month-to-month payments. However, by renting it in the short term, the property owner can get more use and money from their assets. 


They can also plan their schedules so that they can have time off without needing someone to watch over the rental property. Hughes Marino has worked with clients from all industries from the lease accounting development industry and military and public organizations, both national and international, and those involved in healthcare. Jason Hughes finally explains that the Hughes Marino company seeks out clients who are willing to listen and want a long-term relationship for both parties involved.