A Biography of Franci Neely, the Founder of Franci Neely Foundation

Franci Neely is a long-established attorney, volunteer, and philanthropist.

She spent more than 20 years in the litigation business and featured in multiple successful consultations.

Since she retired from active law practice, she has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations.

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She’s the Co-Chair of the museum’s Art of Islamic Worlds and a board member of Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Nelly is a Houston Cinema Arts Society co-founder and a top decision-maker at Menil Foundation. Franci Neely is a law graduate of the University of Texas, Austin’s School of Law.

Franci Neely’s Advice and Recommendations

Franci Neely is proactive and likes rendering support to people in need.

She’s a strong antagonist of procrastination and always asks people to start somewhere.

Nelly advises you to take the initiative to start early and improve with time.

Perfection is eminent if you keep on improving on whatever you keep doing.

Nelly’s most preferred trend is the use of crated lecturers and tours and streamed performances.

She’s excited that the arts community has taken the initiative to seamlessly reach out to a broader audience.

Nelly is never quick in making decisions. She always takes time to analyze and understand every philanthropic project before committing herself.

Nelly says that she would only make cases for a principled reason if she were to be younger.

She will always stick to the decisions she made and work on perfecting the outcomes.

Franci Neely’s Best Philanthropist Achievements

Nelly has a solid track record in the philanthropist industry, and her successes are intense.

However, there are unique instances she handled philanthropist projects that stood out from the rest.

She feels proud of one instance when she gave $100 to a bike guy, Edwin, who had helped her out of a troublesome stranger at night.

Franci Neely is an avid book reader and has read books since she was a kid.

She has read dozens of novels and books that talk about the conquest of the human spirit.

She has also read books talking about the positive impact of acts of kindness on other people’s lives.

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