Business Leader

The Modern CEO: Meet Greg Blatt

An article with Programming Insider entitled “Executive Profile: Greg Blatt”, talks about how Former Match Group and Tinder CEO Greg Blatt has meticulously chosen his professional assignments, and has developed a meaningful array of roles that have lent themselves perfectly to his continued success, and ability to thrive professionally. Greg Blatt’s success results from his […]

Direct Selling

QNET: Transforming The Global Direct Selling Market

Direct selling allows businesses to gain traction by establishing long-lasting relationships with both clients and other firms. The model allows businesses to sell directly to customers without involving intermediaries. Direct selling reduces the cost associated with intermediaries such as distributors and wholesalers. Companies such as QNET have perfected the art of direct selling and have […]

Cloud Inventory Services

Data Systems International: Years Of Experience, Seconds To Access

Data Systems International of DSI Global is one of the top providers of inventory control solutions. Their Cloud Inventory® allows for easy access to a massive amount of information in real-time, accessing ever-changing environments. It allows for easy access and tracking of assets, inventory, tools, job site supplies, and consignment materials from anywhere in the […]

Business Leader

Why Bhanu Choudhrie Believes in the Issue of Business Competition

Traditionally, organizations were competing with one another, which mean that there was no business entity that was prepared to have a good relationship with one another. Everything that companies were incorporating in their operations concerned ensuring that such entities were always working towards ensuring that they were incorporating some unique strategies that could help in […]


Why Andrew Alexander is Considered Successful

Andrew Alexander is a writer and producer who is commonly known for many successful film and television projects, which include The Second City Project (2015), Martin Short, Goes Home (2012) and SCTV Network (1981). He is also a co-owner and CEO of The Second City, a popular theatre company that is based in Chicago. Len […]