Entrepreneurship And Leadership Efforts Depicted by Edgard Corona as CEO Of SmartFit

Edgard Corona is a well-known professional entrepreneur with an interest in the health and fitness industry. He established a health and fitness company, SmartFit Group, in 2009, which has become one of the largest fitness networks in the world. In addition, Edgard Corona created Bio Ritmo in 1996, which was his first fitness company. According […]


 Bobby Kotick’s Letter to Employees: Progress And Commitments Made At Activision Blizzard

Bobby Kotick, one of the most successful CEOs in the video game industry, has issued a lengthy letter to his employees at Activision Blizzard. He outlines changes that have been made and what’s on the horizon for this company. He also discusses how he feels about recent events, including lawsuits from former executives who were […]

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 Growth Marked by Shifts: It’s what CEOs See in 2021: Mahmoud Khattab

According to the survey, digital initiatives make up 41 percent of the growth strategies and new product releases included in CEOs’ strategic plans in the next three years. Of the total investment in digital initiatives, approximately 52 percent will be in digital marketing and social media. Digital analytics and customer-centric digital marketing are the primary […]


Should you read Lifewave reviews? Find out

Check out LifeWave reviews, and you will realize the company has a good reputation for offering top-quality services. Many people interested in enjoying good life prefer the products available at the company. They have a good reputation for availing top quality products. Read more: Lifewave | Elevate, Activate, Regenerate You can always rely on the […]